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How can I customize the look of MixCast’s output?

MixCast’s mixed reality Output’s visual appearance can be customized in several places:

• In the desktop UI: MixCast outputs through a standard desktop uGUI texture. Additional overlay UI elements can be added to the UI to enhance the experience (for example, a level name label), but in general it’s best to avoid cluttering the output.

• On the game camera: The Unity Camera component that renders the application can be found under MixCast/Prefabs/MixCastCamera.prefab/GameCamera/Camera. Here you can adjust the rendering settings or add image effects/post-processing.

• On the feed material: The other aspect of MixCast which can be customized is the treatment of the external feed (the player), by overriding the Material or Shader properties. The material can be found at MixCast/Materials/Camera Feed.mat.

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