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Can I work around having a device that isn't directly supported in MixCast?

We're actively working on widening compatibility of input devices in MixCast, but for now a workaround is possible: Using XSplit to relay the video feed in a format MixCast VR can receive.

  1. To get started, grab XSplit Broadcaster from here and install it
  2. You'll need to register an account with XSplit as part of the first launch
  3. Select your input device (the HDMI capture card) under Sources
    1. Set your resolution and framerate by clicking on the device in the bottom-left and clicking Settings
      1. For the purposes of this guide I'm using a Razer StarGazer webcam
    2. You do not need to set an output destination, simply running XSplit is sufficient
  4. Select your intended output resolution (canvas resolution) in the top-right dropdown of XSplit - typically this would match the resolution you set for your input device in step 3
  5. Mute the audio in Xsplit by clicking the microphone in the volume controls. If XSplit is recording audio it will cause echoes.
  6. Open MixCast and select XSplit Broadcast as your input source, and from then do everything you normally would with MixCast!

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